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Use the #edcampomaha hashtag to see who is coming and what they are talking about before, during and after the event. If you created an Action Plan from your learning at EdCampOmaha, share it on twitter throughout the year! We'd love to see how you've followed through on something. In fact, tell us about it next year, too!

Flyers, Emails, and more:

If it helps anyone, I sent the following email message to a couple of groups of teachers that I work with in my school district. Feel free to copy/paste/edit to meet your needs:


Saturday, March 19, 2016 will be EdCamp Omaha.

Edcamps are organic, participant-driven professional learning experiences created by educators, for educators. Edcamps provide the vehicle for informal learning to take place between passionate educators. There are no registration fees, travel expenses, or corporate agendas like many other conferences. The sessions are determined by the participants and allow for conversations instead of presentations. Edcamp attendees are also encouraged to use the "Rule of Two Feet" that encourages people to move from session to session based on interest and seek out what they need.

Scholastic //Teacher// magazine featured Edcamps for their February 2016 issue, where they walked readers through the experience of both participant and organizer. The article highlights many things that happen with this type of informal learning, including takeaways from participants. “My number-one takeaway was building a network of teachers who want to collaborate and are high energy,” says Shahr Rezaiekhaligh, a social studies teacher at Summit Lakes Middle School in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, who recently attended her first Edcamp in Kansas City. “I got more out of this style of conferencing than I ever have at a traditional conference.”

There is power in the Edcamp model, which is why I'm planning to attend EdcampOmaha this year, along with many people from around the region. It is my hope that you would consider joining me and other passionate educators. If you are interested in attending, register on the website. There are no fees. Visit the EdCamp Omaha website for more information, then show up on March 19th. It's that simple!

Look for me there!